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Expressive Activity Policy


十大网赌软件推荐采用十大网赌排行榜系统(VCCS)政策6.5.1, Policy on Expressive Activity. 本政策及相关程序的制定是为了满足Va的要求. Code §23.1-401.1 (know informally as "the speech law.")

A. Purpose


B. Policy

  1. 这一政策适用于学院拥有或控制的所有建筑物、场地和其他空间. The term “expressive activity” includes:
  • 学生和学生组织的会议和其他集体活动;
  • Speeches, performances, demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and other events by students, student organizations, and outside groups invited by student organizations;
  • Distributions of literature, such as leafleting and pamphleting; and
  • Any other expression protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

此策略不适用于演讲者,表演者,团体等. 是否受到学院或根据学院的政策/程序安排使用学院空间的外部团体的邀请.

  1. 学院财产主要用于学术、学生生活和行政功能. But it also represents the “marketplace of ideas,” and especially for students, 校园的许多区域都是演讲和其他表达活动的公共论坛. 大学可能会限制在室内进行的表达活动, but especially for students and student organizations, the outdoor areas of campus remain venues for free expression, including speeches, demonstrations, and the distribution of literature.
  2. Indoors or outdoors, 大学不得干涉个人和团体自由发表意见的权利,也不得根据其内容或观点不允许地管制其言论. Nevertheless, colleges may establish reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions on expressive activity. Such restrictions must be content-neutral, 狭隘地为政府利益服务, 并为信息交流提供充足的替代渠道.
  3. 任何事件或表达活动不得侵犯或妨碍校园社区内他人的权利,也不得严重扰乱学校的正常运作.

C. Responsibilities

十大网赌软件推荐,负责教学和学生服务的副总裁. Inquiries regarding the policy may contact this individual.

D. Procedures for Reserving Campus Facilities

  1. If students, student organizations, or college employees desire to reserve campus facilities, 他们应向文理学部的行政助理提交申请. Requests must be made with at least 48 hours’ notice.
  2. 如果个人或组织不是大学社区的成员(i.e., not students, student organizations, or college employees) desire to reserve campus facilities, 他们必须由一个被认可的学生组织或学院赞助,在校园里进行表达性的活动或事件. 这些个人或组织如果有兴趣得到学校的赞助,应该联系负责指导和学生服务的副校长.
  3. 学院可以对非校园社区成员的设备和设施使用者收取适当的费用. 当观众的规模可能对安全构成威胁时,可以评估保安费用,以支付提供保安的实际成本.
  4. 设施只在正常工作时间内使用,或在与适当的学院职员协商后另有约定.
  5. Students, student organizations, 大学员工可能会要求预订先到先到的校园设施, first-served basis. These requests may be denied for the following reasons only:
    1. 要求的场地是学院根据本政策第F条指定的不能用于表达性活动的室内设施;
    2. 所要求的场地为室内设施,且该要求与根据本政策第D(4)条制定的限制相冲突;
    3. The venue is already reserved for another event ;
    4. 该活动将吸引超过场地安全容纳的人群;
    5. 该活动将严重干扰在邻近场地举行的另一项活动;
    6. 该活动将严重扰乱学院运作(包括课堂);
    7. The activity is a clear and present threat to public safety, according to the college’s police or security department;
    8. The activity will occur during college examination periods or when the college is closed; or
    9. The activity is designed as for-profit activity;
    10. The activity is unlawful.
  6. During an event, the student, student organization, 或者要求预订的大学员工负责保留和维护其预订的设施. If it causes any damage to those facilities, the person(s) or organization (and its officers, if applicable) shall assume responsibility.
  7. When assessing a request to reserve campus facilities, 学院不会考虑该表达的内容或观点,也不会考虑对该表达的可能反应. The college will not impose restrictions on students, student organizations, 或者大学员工,因为他们表达的内容或观点,或者对这种表达的可能反应. 如果其他人对学生的行为反应消极, student organization’s, or college employee’s expression, 学院官员(包括学院警察或保安)应采取一切必要措施确保公共安全,同时允许表达活动继续进行.

E. Spontaneous Expressive Activity

  1. For outdoor campus facilities and areas, students, student organizations, 他们赞助的客人可以自由地进行自发的表达活动,只要他们不这样做
    1. block access to campus buildings,
    2. obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic,
    3. substantially disrupt previously scheduled campus events,
    4. substantially disrupt college operations,
    5. constitute unlawful activity; or
    6. create a clear and present threat to public safety, according to the college’s police or security department.
  2. 没有可供自发表达活动的室内区域或设施.

F. Areas Not Available for Expressive Activity


  • Classrooms (during instructional hours)
  • Library
  • Administrative/business offices

G. Banners and Distribution of Commercial Materials

  1. 用于表达言论的横幅应符合本政策的规定,不得用于阻挡, 阻碍或以其他方式拒绝行人通行,或阻塞或阻碍车辆通行.
  2. 禁止在下列地区散布商业广告或者放置商业材料:
    • 教室、电脑室、实验室和其他进行教学的地方
    • Libraries
    • Administrative offices

Policy approval: July 17, 2014, by the 十大网赌软件推荐 President’s Staff




Contact Information:

Dr. Peter Anderson
Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
(540) 674-3600 ext. 4369


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